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Pomorie (19km/11.8miles) – the most famous balneology resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is famous for its healing mud from the Pomorie salt lake, the wines of fine vintage and the producing of salt. In 2007 it was announced as the capital of balneology, which put it ahead amongst the preferred places for all-year-round balneology, spa and wellness tourism.

The firth mud, to which the town owes its glory, is used for treatment and rehabilitation ever since old times. It is rich in hydrogen, magnesium, chlorine, calcium, sodium and sulfates. The healing qualities of the mineral water on the Pomorie municipality territory are also very well known since old times.
Nowadays, as before, the town is famous for its white dry wine “Pomoriyski Dimyat” and for its salt lakes. The Salt Museum gives information on how the trade with “white gold” has brought riches and fame to the town through the years. It consists of a small building and 25 decares of active salt pans, where the treasured commodity is being produced. The salt pans are multiple water fields, divided by big wooden dikes. The unique part is that visitors have the opportunity to actually see the process of producing salt and to touch the ancient tradition of this craft.

The monastery “St George” is the only active monastery in the South-West of Bulgaria. It is a remarkable piece of art; it represents the traditional Bulgarian Revival architecture. Marble sculpture, engraved on one of the walls, from 2nd – 3rd century with the shape of Thracian rider gives evidence enough to think that this monastery was a Thracian sanctuary. Annually on the 6th May (the official holiday of the town and the cloister) a traditional fair is being held in front of the sacred place, attracting not only local people but visitors from all over Bulgaria.

Architectural resort “Old Pomorie houses” includes 10 houses with typical for the Revival period architecture, announced as cultural sites. They have been constructed in the 19th century and have some of the specific characteristics of the so-called “Black Sea Coast house”. And more specifically, a two-storey house with stone ground floor and wattle and daub second floor with wooden pine-tree boarding and beech logs over them.

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