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Aheloy (3.5km/2.1miles) is a historically rich town, always going to be remembered for the epic battle between the Byzantine troops of Leo Phokas and the Bulgarian troops of King Simeon І The Great. The battle took place on August 20, 917 in the roundabouts of the Aheloy River, where years later, remains and relics of the soldiers’ bodies and their arms could still be found. The 60-thousand Bulgarian army utterly defeated the 62 thousand Byzantines, leaving Bulgaria the leading power not only on the Balkans, but also in the whole South-East of Europe.

In the town centre of Aheloy the community centre ‘Light’ could be found, with a hall for cultural activities, offering an interesting acquaintance with the history of the town and also with the ways, traditions and habits, built in people with time.
The town’s festival is on Ascension Day (the patron day of St. Spass - which is on a different date every year – in 2013 on June 13). A fair with lots of attractions and amusements is held on that day.

The yacht marina in the town is suited for berthing of yachts and fishing boats. Besides sea fishing, the river Aheloy is suitable for freshwater fishing.

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