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Sozopol (55km/34.2miles) – a town, which was inhabited way back in 5th century B.C. Throughout the centuries it had been conquered, robbed, used as a harbor, as a hiding-place, as a trading crossroad.

In 2010 archaeological excavations helped in the discovery of the John the Baptist’s relics (the credibility and euthenics of the discovery have been proven to be true on a global level).

Some of the buildings, the pavement streets, the Southern town wall and others still remind of the Roman and Byzantium presence in the past. Its name the town gets in 330 after being renamed from Apolonia into Sozopolis (which means “saved town”).

Beach (camping site) Kavatsite is located 3km southern from the town’s premises, between cape St. Christ and cape Agalina. The beach is very long, wide and covered in fine golden sand.

Malkoto Kale is an ancient fortress located on a hill with the same name – the highest from the mountain range Meden Rid. The fortress is located near the town of Sozopol. Archaeological excavations have shown that there had been a village here in the early Iron Age. The entrance of the fortress was actually a narrow cut between two big, round, smooth rocks, each of them 6 meters high.

In the town center of the old Sozopol one can see the remains of the medieval church with a basilica.  It used to serve as the headquarters of the Sozopol Episcopate from the middle of 10th century to 17th century. The church was built over the remains of residential buildings from the classic and the Hellenic periods of Apolonia (5th – 2nd century B.C.).

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