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Lye Rehabilitation recreation and detoxification


We encourage our guests not only to relax and indulge in rejuvenating and beauty procedures but also to improve their health and wellbeing.

We offer the following types of treatments and therapies:

1.Lye healing

The healing power of the Pomorie salt lake Lye is well known since ancient times. This natural product is useful for the skin and for overall well-being. It has rich mineral composition with dominant magnesium content.

After a few Lye therapies made by our skilled professionals you will feel the favorable effect and a strong positive impact on your body. Lye improves your metabolism, the respiration of the tissues, the fat, carbon-hydrate and protein metabolism. Lye compresses have strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Its healing power is well known in the treatment of: musculoskeletal, rheumatic diseases, traumatic and orthopedic diseases, neurological diseases, slow healing wounds and skin diseases. 

2. Kinesis-therapy

The other name of this healing method is healing through motion.
We use the motor activity as a means for prevention, healing and rehabilitation. Our highly qualified Kinesis-Therapist possesses great knowledge and experience in the field and is using different techniques and massages that affect the muscle and joint activity and lead to excellent results.


Everyone carries toxins in their body. Their amount is from 3-25 kg depending on the lifestyle. Toxins are everywhere in the human body, in the lymphatic and lymphatic systems, in the internal organs, in the skin. They are normally excreted by the kidneys and skin in the form of urine and sweat. Adequate water intake is especially important for natural detoxification. The change of NA, PH from "alkaline" to "acidic" (PH below 7 and PH above 7) is a sign of an unhealthy state. It is no coincidence that most chronic and malignant diseases develop in an "acidic" environment.

The revolutionary discovery of Peter Agre and Mackinpop, awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003, a method of detoxification realized with apparatus ionization of water with a negative electric field is used to restore the disturbed electrolyte balance of the cells. For this purpose, the legs (feet) of the person are used, where there are about 2000 pores through which the body carries out its natural detoxification through sweating.The negative ions that have penetrated into the human body restore the normal electrical potential of cells and stimulate the release of accumulated toxins. The normal functioning of the organs is restored. The pH value is normalized. The forcibly separated toxins are collected in the vessel with water, where the ionization takes place. The time of 1 procedure is 30 min. The water goes from completely clear to a visible, dense, mostly dark color.

The "ion detoxification" procedure frees the body from accumulated heavy metals, fats, waste products from metabolism, the circulatory and lymphatic system, smoking, alcohol. It activates the activity of cells and tissues, stimulates the autonomic nervous system. A reduction in blood sugar, prevention of heart disease is achieved vascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The immune system is stimulated. The work of the kidneys and liver is facilitated. The gastrointestinal tract is regulated. A complete physical "massage" of the body is carried out. The level of free radicals decreases. Sleep and skin tone improve.

Color of the waste mixture

Black – liver waste

Black particles (flakes) – heavy metals

Brown – liver (smoking, alcohol)

Dark green – gall bladder

Orange – debris from the propulsion apparatus

Red particles – circulatory system

White foam – waste from the lymphatic system

Yellow-green – waste from kidneys, urinary tract, reproductive system

Price: 30 min. - BGN 40




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