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Lye Rehabilitation and recreation


We encourage our guests not only to relax and indulge in rejuvenating and beauty procedures but also to improve their health and wellbeing.

We offer the following types of treatments and therapies:

1.Lye healing

The healing power of the Pomorie salt lake Lye is well known since ancient times. This natural product is useful for the skin and for overall well-being. It has rich mineral composition with dominant magnesium content.

After a few Lye therapies made by our skilled professionals you will feel the favorable effect and a strong positive impact on your body. Lye improves your metabolism, the respiration of the tissues, the fat, carbon-hydrate and protein metabolism. Lye compresses have strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Its healing power is well known in the treatment of: musculoskeletal, rheumatic diseases, traumatic and orthopedic diseases, neurological diseases, slow healing wounds and skin diseases. 

2. Kinesis-therapy

The other name of this healing method is healing through motion.
We use the motor activity as a means for prevention, healing and rehabilitation. Our highly qualified Kinesis-Therapist possesses great knowledge and experience in the field and is using different techniques and massages that affect the muscle and joint activity and lead to excellent results.




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